Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Strong, Stronger!!!!

I had an interesting week so far.

 For starters my oldest son has decided to take off his listening ears. secondly I live near Boston now and have grown to love my surrounding area very much, don't worry I am still southern at heart.

Either way, with a growing frustration of Our Country's oblivious Americans and a boy who wants to push every button imaginable you could say I have about had it up to here. (imagine me standing on a ladder 10 feet tall + my 5'4 and 3/4 + how ever far my hand reaches above my head goes)

Until a very dear friend and I Ran for Boston today. It felt so good to exert energy and emotion that had been stockpiling in my, oh so many windows open brain!!!

Please know I lean on our Lord Jesus every day. He gives me strength to deal with my child, at times included. He opens my eyes when I am closing them off. He is my Peace!!

As I showered tonight my legs started to hurt and I wanted to say something...ok I wanted to complain. (I have these moments a few times a month) I AGAIN reminded myself that I am married to a man who has even more pain then I everyday from his waste down, I am friends with 2 of his close friends who no longer have a leg or both due to their courageous acts, and now men and woman who didn't choose to give their life or extremities for this country no longer have limbs to complain about.

It also hit me that as much as my oldest son wants to push my buttons everyday and gets my nerves irritated. I would rather have a silly little man running around my house to get after rather then cry over now missing him.

This blog was more to get some emotion out. I am exhausted with what is going on around me. I am a naturally born fixer perfectionist type. I am realistic though, knowing at times there is a grey area in life and not everything has THE answer.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wives and Moms stick together

Since becoming a Wife and Mother happened so young for me I made a decision to be my best at both. I am a perfectionist at heart, thanks mom. I strive everyday to teach my kids about health, hygiene, proper communication, etiquette, treating others with respect, and of course educational things that schools are no longer teaching. I also make sure my husband is as comfortable as I can possible help make him.

I had someone tell me yesterday. "A way to really hurt a man is to target or tell him how to do his job at supporting his family and pointing out his failures in the bedroom. The way to really hurt a woman is to tell her about her job as a wife and mother".

This is SO true!!
 Lets all get the rules straight:
1. All children are different. Even the children you birth will not be even remotely similar!
2. Husbands didn't marry their mommies. (please understand all males and females marry someone who has similar aspects of their parents, but that doesn't mean they match them perfectly)

Recently I have been at the end of someone telling me about the man I married and how my children could possibly end up. This information I already knew, and also informed me, basically, not to ruin certain parts of our days by things I decided to do for MY family. This did not go over well and is still pondered on my mind daily on why it was necessary.
 I felt judged on how I was doing MY job. I wanted to scream and finally broke down and cried yesterday.  I remind myself this person has never been in my home and doesn't see what I do on a daily basis. They also weren't in premarital counseling and don't know what my husband and I discussed.

I have had friends talk to me about other women telling them how to care for their children. When they should be putting them to bed, how and when to feed them, and how often to change their diapers. Come on ladies...... REALLY?!?!?!

I want to say stop and think before you speak. Especially when you are talking to another woman about what they do in their household.
I understand no one is perfect and we may fail at this more often then not, but hey lets give it a good!?!

Some of you may be thinking: What about advice? or a suggestion?.... Is it needed or wanted?? did they pose a need for it to begin with??
I look at it like this. When wives and mothers get together we all talk. Talk about what we are going through with our children and husbands. We obviously are listening to the other ladies and hearing what they are doing....isn't that enough? This could also open the door for you to make a suggestion like.... If you tried it this way you may get a better result with your children or husband?
This would help us stick together rather then tear each other down.

Of course for those Christians reading. God calls us to always bring each other up. I remind myself this daily. Again we are not perfect and fall short. But it is the trying that keeps us on our toes and reminds us daily to be better and not become of the world and those around us.

Have you have been judged by someone or told how to do your Wife and Mother job??

 Remember you are always doing your best. These jobs did not come with a job description.


Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Monday and April Fools Day!!!

Mondays are so easy. I just felt like a butterfly floating in the wind. A child running in a field of flowers carelessly. It was the perfect day!............and that was the worst April Fools Joke EVER!!!

Todays blog will be covering a wide variety of

Alright today was pretty great, up until the end where my children decided to run into a parking lot without care, Over and Over and Over again. YES of course I got after them, but I am their mother. What comes out of my mouth sounds like the mom from Charlie Brown to them. Same thing happened when I asked them to pick up their rooms. I am at a loss with that situation.
Any thoughts or ideas on how to help kids clean and finish before I start growing grey hairs or getting saggy body parts?? (that was so hard not to say boobies....sorry said it anyways)

On a Brighter note it is also Opening DAY and come to just find out our team, The Angels, won their first game. Whoop Whoop!!
Who is your favorite MLB team??

I am closing up shop tonight. I am shocked I was able to type this much, my eyelids are being held open with my eyelash curler!!!
 Tomorrow is another day with different challenges. We can do this ladies!!! All of it that is!!!

Sleep well and drink coffee in the AM!!!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

He is Risen!!!

I am religious. Though we do not attend church as often as I used to, we still like to teach our children about The Lord. I was sadden by the lack of Faith in our neighborhood today. I saw more children hunting for Easter eggs rather then getting ready for church. YES, YES, I know this is my personal thoughts on today, but it is also what Our Great Country was founded off of and it is slowly being taken away from us. OK now enough of that, because that is a totally different topic :).

I also found it harder this Easter being away from our families. We have a new addition which only a few people have ever met. Let alone our two oldest are on their own while hunting for eggs. I remember hunting with all my cousins and having loads of fun. I DO see this between my own children, but it is always fun when there are MORE to watch and share the enjoyment of "the find" with.

Cooking??? NOPE!!! We didn't cook anything. This was a PLUS and minus for me!! Instead of being cooped up in the kitchen I was able to fully enjoy the Glorious day that was given to us in this stretched out winter weather up north...Blah!!! The minus, I didn't get to enjoy the typical food you eat at Easter. My favorites to mention are my Aunts Deviled eggs!!! Grammies potato salad and olives just laying in a dish...YUMMM!!!

NOW don't go thinking I was all sally sob story today. I enjoyed a lunch out with the family. The children were a delight and I had yummy food. A nice friend who is more like a sister came over with gifts for the kids and helped celebrate the day. She also got awesome news about her daddy which just made me remember that Jesus listens to our prayers for others, but it is only in his time that they will be answered. We then skyped and Face timed with family. It is nice that technology has given us this luxury.

I hope you all had a wonderful day as well.

For future tips on Easter eggs and Easter baskets.

Eggs: I bought a sticker book with a page or so of stickers (I cut them up to individual), had piggy banks already and a small bag of candy.
~fill eggs with 2 pennies, 1 nickel, 1 dime, or 1 quarter (I thank my mother in law for this idea)
~fill other eggs with a few stickers
~ the remainder eggs about 15 were filled with the small amount of candy
~~~ this reduces the intake of sweets and candies it also is exciting to get something different to use.
(my kids spent time counting their "moneyies", adding stickers to their sticker books and did not consume the small amount of candy that was found)

Baskets: I found this difficult this year. Last year it was like Christmas time all over again...AHHHH. So to defeat that I vowed to only get one new outfit, a few dollar items and that's is it!! Best part.. I went to Target and defied my want to purchase EVERYTHING. Then the hubs and I went to the dollar store and he felt they needed more. So a jump rope, bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles, small puzzles and old school puddy stuff. Thank you Dollar store. Didn't spend more then 40 dollars total on All my Easter stuff for 3 children and 50 eggs.

Please share what your family does. I would love to explore something different for next year or help other cut their costs on spending.

My First day of doing it ALL

Lets all stop and take a Breath. YES today was along one of those days!!

As for today I was determined to clean, play with the boys, fix our vacuum, fix 2 burnt out lights (1 on the ceiling), clean out my fridge of long overdue leftovers (those ones we promise ourselves to eat and never do), clean the dishes and put them away. Sweep, vacuum and mop floors.. (this, the mopping, was LONG 4-ish months), workout and be patient all in 12 hours.

READY... SET...GO...!!!! aahhhhhhhhh!!!!! LOL Kidding!!!

Yes, I accomplished all of the above. I planned the night before. I am not always good at this, but it really does WORK. I have promised myself, as of today, to plan out my tomorrow's the night before.
How to Accomplish a full day of things to do.
To do this be realistic, especially when you have children, I personally feel 1.errands should be done first. My logic... once your errands are done you can focus solely on the children and things that need to be done at home.
2. Price what you need to buy online (yes, I have money saving tips as well ;))
3. Depending on what your route is drive in one direction majority of the time. Driving back and forth only makes you bonkers, waste gas and waste time.....probably will loose hair, and sanity in the process. True story!!!
4. Once home FEED the little people. Doesn't matter if you leave something out for them to snack on or you give them and earlier meal. Do it!!! if not in the middle of cleaning you WILL HEAR.. "I am SO hungry" or "when is lunch going to be". Your response could be wait till I am done or can you give mommy a few seconds. This isn't helpful to anyone. Plus you could save that conversation for when they start starving a few minutes after lunch and act like they haven't been fed in ages.
5. I agree with other moms on this. Pick One thing or One area to clean. I have OCD so I see and feel all I have or want to do and get easily side tracked. If this is you too, continuously tell yourself to focus on the one thing and if you have more time then do the other as well.
6. If you are getting bored with that area. spend time with your children. I notice when I am too focused on doing what I NEED to do or WANT to do I get little demons in my house. ((Please understand I am a normal mom who understands her kids are far from perfect children. They have a side that you just never want to see or deal with, but it shows itself eventually. The first step to sanity is excepting of this, Second is to admit it, Third, make fun of it...Laughter helps!!)

That is all I have. I truly believe in Time Management. It takes practice, but it really does help alleviate stress, hair loss, possible frustration and leads to a happier home and easier day.

Please remember this works for me and I only started doing this recently. my children are 5,4 and 4.5 months. So it took awhile to come up with a routine that works for us.
What are you doing in your home as a routine???

Thursday, March 28, 2013

About this Blog

Hi all~

I am new to blogging. I read so many blogs and think HOW and WHEN do you have the time?!?!?!. I can barely finish reading a blog before one of my children is yelling out in complete agony because they are STARVING for food, even though they just got done eating breakfast which consisted of a 5 eggs topped with cheese, glass of milk with a side glass of OJ, a banana and/or an apple. Anyways, back to the point. I want to test this out. Test me out. Can I write a blog everyday. About how I organized, cleaned, played, baked, cooked, workout, eat healthy, and showered plus did a blog all with a decent nights rest. Oh, yeah and spent time with my husband (who is sitting next to me know wondering why I am not watching last seasons Game of Thrones, key word honey LAST season ;))
 This Blog so far, IF I plan accordingly, will be updated in the evenings.

Now a little bit about the name. My Daughter is the Ladybug. I have always thought of her as my little Love bug since she was born, BUT Ladybugs are cuter. Slugs, to be honest nothing rhymed better with Ladybugs, BUT then I got to thinking. Slugs move slow in the dirt...ahhh Boys LOVE the dirt, wet dirt especially...TADA that's for my 2 little boys. The EGA, Some of you may be thinking WHHAAATTT :/... Eagle, Globe, Anchor = Marine!! No we are not Active Military or else this Blog would be.....nonexistent. My Husband is a Veteran Marine. Once a Marine ALWAYS a Marine!!! Nuff said!!! 

This blog is about My life, my REAL, what I do to get by as a mother and a wife who cares for her  very picky eating Husband life.
 I am a frequent pinterester (if there is such a thing) I use it often to keep my kids busy during the winter months. I try new recipe's and like to share. Share what I think of them, changed and how my family thought of them. We are new at Clean Eating. I feel there should be support groups for this type of change. So I will be here for that as well.
 1. to help others and support others Clean Eat 
2. for others to possible school me on what I am doing wrong or could improve on.
This Page will be real!! I will share my thoughts, feelings and daily doings. As women we need to help each other out as often as possible. Be aware I may get explicit with my language if some days are harder then others....yes, I will leave a note at the top or TRY and "bleep" as often as possible.

Please leave comments...positive and negative. We shall all hope I can answer those too...its only fair right?!?!?!